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Porto, Portugal

Porto is the second largest and most significant cities in Portugal, both in terms of economic activity and cultural life.

Porto has an unique personality which has long been worldwide ascertained both by locals and visitors. 

Porto has yet another feature to take pride in: it blends into a single expression the historic heritage – which is why the old center of the city was declared a World Heritage Site – and the liveliness of the many establishments which enable the most pleasant way of spending the spare time. 

In addition, Porto can take pride in being the one city which inspired the conception of the name of the entire country (Portugal from Portus Cale, as Romans used to refer to it in ancient times). 

The origins of Porto date back to ancient times, but long before Romans conquered the place, Celts are said to have inhabited it, hypothesis substantiated by several archeological findings. Moors have also left their print on the place, but England too had its moment of glorious dominion over Porto. 

However, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that Porto became part of the Portuguese Republic. 

The Porto city has a very nice weather during summer season and an inexpensive Mediterranean healthy food. 

Porto is also a cultural rich city with lots of monuments and places to visit (for further details see:

The social programme of the SIBIC 2022 will be open to both participants and their accompanying persons. It will include a Welcome Reception at the end of the first conference day, a visit to a Porto wine cellar and a conference dinner on Wednesday. 

Other activities will be planned during the whole week of the congress.

Sunset Welcome Cocktail

Monday, 20th June 2022

At the end of the first congress day, participants are invited to the welcome sunset party that will take place in CIIMAR. It includes soft drinks, light food and music by DJ Berto Boss.

A guided tour to Porto Cruise Terminal, Titan and CIIMAR headquarters is planned. These activities are free but requires previous registration.  

Porto Wine Cellar

Tuesday, 21st June 2022

At the end of the second congress day, participants are invited to visit a Porto Wine Cellar.

A guided tour to the facilities of Sandeman and/or Ferreira, in Vila Nova de Gaia, with a win tasting is proposed. It includes the bus from the congress venue to the wine cellar. This activity requires previous registration.

Gala Dinner

Wednesday, 22st June 2022

SIBIC 2022 gala dinner will be in Casa da Música, nearby the congress venue.

It includes appetizers, drinks and a chef-designed tasting menu with a starter, main course and dessert. This activity requires previous registration and has a cost of 50 €.